After Reading and Fully Understanding the Main lift Instructions proceed to securely assemble the Mounts to the Lift as follows. First, ensure the bike is standing in the vertical position, for this we strongly recommend the use of our Bikegrab Wheel chock Stand as it will raise the front wheel of the bike while holding it firmly upright keeping you and the bike safe while setting up the lift. Set up the mounts exactly as shown in the picture below and lock them into position by tightening the “U” bolts with a 13mm wrench. Now remove the silver “L” shaped bracket marked “B” by removing the 2 x 8 mm bolts securing it to the Beam, the unit is now ready so carefully slide the lift in and under the motorcycle. Replace the bracket removed earlier and position the lift centrally so that the 2 Horizontal 10mm bolts A and B are in line with the holes both sides of the frame that are used for fixing the Crash Bars into position, these are just in front of the foot-pegs. (If crash bars have been fitted you will need to remove the lower bolts) With the bolts in the correct position slide the lift back so they locate through the holes in the frame and then replace the nuts provided to secure the motorcycle firmly to the lift, Finally check that the rear mount is sitting central under the gearbox/collector box area and the whole thing is ready to go.. Double check everything is secure before lifting and if in any doubt whatsoever, Contact us for Advice !!