After reading and fully understanding the main lift instructions proceed with the mounts assembly to the lift as follows. With the lift positioned as Pics 1&2 place the front beam mount (A) on the lift with the vertical section of the beam level with the end on the Main Lift Arm (In blue) and tighten the “U” bolts securely in place. Now place the Rear Beam (B) on the lift arm at a point 20mm from the end as shown (Pics 1 & 2) secure with the Nyloc nuts on the “U” bolt. Next with assistance of a colleague or if using our Bikegrab wheel stand or similar hold the bike in a vertical position and push the lift in and under the bike from the left hand side (it will be necessary to remove the “L” shaped bracket at point (A) Pic 2) Now position both the lift mounts in line with the mounting points on the bike shown at points (R & F in Pic 3). The 2 x M10 bolts at the front (Pic 4) will need to be removed to allow the crash bars (If fitted) to swing slightly forward, you then use these bolts located into the U shaped slots of the “L” shaped brackets on the front beam assembly. Next check that the rubber cushion pads are correctly positioned under the frame of the bike at the point shown in Pic 5, If and when any adjustments have been made secure the 2 x M10 retaining bolts at the front mount to lock the bike securely to the lift. Note : It will be necessary to slacken the main L/H side Footplate anchor bolt (Pic 6) allowing the footplate to rotate slightly permitting entry for the lift itself. Make a final check that all is positioned correctly and that all the bolts tightened and secured, when satisfied everything is in order the bike is ready to lift. If in any doubt whatsoever please contact us for further advice!

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