Tommy Jack, Motorcycle lift to oil the chain

Tommy Jack, Motorcycle lift to oil the chain

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Short description Tommy Jack, lift your Motorcycle rear wheel to oil the chain

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Now be honest - DO YOU lubricate your chain as often as you should? A dry chain can waste over 15% of your precious engine power! Manufacturers tell us to do it every 200 miles, but let's face it, what a pain. Are you tired of wheeling your bike backwards and forwards to access the chain - well at last here's the answer to your prayers.

The Tommy Jack from On-Bike makes chain lube a cinch. The Tommy Jack is lightening quick because it's lifting beam just slips under the bike's suspension arm. When the jack's pivot lever is swung down towards the ground the rear wheel is airborne! A safety-locking pin is inserted to complete the task in 2 seconds! The rear wheel can then be spun to crank the chain round for lubricating

Always lubricate your chain 'after' you have been on a journey!   Please Note the only colour available is Gold Anodized as in pictures below.

Why not lube it just before a run? Your chain spray contains a solvent and a lubricating agent. The solvent liquefies the high-viscosity lubricating agent to make it spray-able. It takes up to an hour for the solvent to evaporate, so use the bike within that time and the rotating chain will disperse the solvent and the lubricant all over your bike and your leathers!Why lube it just after a run? Because when the chain is warm the lubricant flows freely. Just leave the bike to stand and let the solvent dry, every link will be protected it in readiness for your next outing!Tommy Jack is a perfect take along for chain driven bikes!Small enough to pack unnoticed in jackets, tank bags and saddlebags, it's the perfect on road companion. Its light weight wont even alter your bikes power to weight ratio! Addressing alignment and lubrication needs far from home is now a one man task.


When Deploying Tommy Jack on a downward sloping grade, ill advised though it may be, It is a great idea to lock the front brake lever with a rubber band or bungie to prevent your bike from rolling forward. Sometimes one dosen't have a choice about these things, but always look for an uphill parking situation whenever possible.

New Product instock below, is a safe way to hold your bike when parked on a hill...

Please Read this for compatability issues....

The intended bike needs a right hand swing arm for a lifting point.Some triumph models only have a left hand swing arm and are not suitable.Triumph America, or bikes with the side stand pivotting from up the front of the frame, also not suitable.Approx 50mm clearance also needed between the swing arm and any exhaust or muffler passing by the lift point.

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