Gator Straps - Motorcycle Ratchet Tie down Straps

Gator Straps - Motorcycle Ratchet Tie down Straps

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Short description Gator Straps, Motorcycle Ratchet Tie Down Straps, size 1.5 inches

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One Pair of 1.5 Inch (38mm) Ratchet Straps

Inverted Design is easy to tighten and positions the buckle and extra straps down by the floor where it will not damage paint.

Built in Soft Loop comes standard on all Gator Straps. The soft loop allows you to wrap the webbing around delicate pieces to be tied down. Because of the inverted design, they can be used with or without the soft loop option.

Gator Ratchets operate smoothly and will not slip, even under extreme loads.

Heavy Duty Ratchet mechanism with Extra Wide Handgrip is easy on the hands and smooth sliding surfaces will not cut or fray webbing.

Double Box Stitched throughout for maximum strength and durability. 7 Foot Length works for applications where many tie-downs come up short1- 1/2 inch ratchet straps now in stock, check out the handy durable, carry bag. Keep your straps clean and dry and together.
At present carry bag only comes with 1-1/2 in ratchet strap set. 

 ***Note*** Some photo's show a wollen cover fitted, these are a seperate item, which is no longer available****


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