Eyebolt system 1/2

Eyebolt system 1/2" Removable, called Bed Bolts

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Short description Eye bolt System by Bed Bolts 1/2 Removable Anchor Point SKU: 822820

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Bed Bolts 1/2" Removable eye bolt system  SKU 822820

Cost is for One Pair

Break Strength 1,179 Kg.  Working load limit 390 kg.

Note in picture the 20 cent piece in eyebolt to assist in scaling the size of the 1/2" bolts


Locate position to mount anchor pointDrill 3/4" holeInsert bed bolt into hole and secure from underneath with large mudguard washer, spring washer, and nut

Now the top of your floor/ tray has small round ring on top with a thread down the middle

Screw in your eye bolt to provide a tie down point

When finished 

Remove eye boltscrew in plastic cap to procted the internal thread from dirt etc.

Your tray or walls are now cleared for other use, with just a small ring left on the surface, if you have a checker plate

floor the ring would (depending on the size of the checkers) not protrude above the checkers.

In pairs, has a large mudguard type washer to go behind your floor or walls to provide extra holding power

HOW HANDY IS THIS SYSTEM!!!!  Exclusive to Oneup, not known to be available at any other outlets in Australia.

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