Bike Grab Motorcycle Universal front or rear Wheel Chock

Bike Grab Motorcycle Universal front or rear Wheel Chock

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Short description Bike Grab (Motorcycle Stand / Wheel Chock)

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BikeGrab Universal Wheel Chock has been designed for use with all motorcycles old or new and can be used on either the Front or Rear Wheel, You simply Ride In, Get off and walk away! It will then hold your bike Safely in the vertical position with its Vice Like Grip and give you valuable extra space in the garage opposed to leaning over on the side stand!


In its standard form it will accommodate tyre sizes from 120 to 195mm width, for sizes below 120 you will need to use our Reducer Kit shown Below. We also provide the Quick Release kit for securing down to the garage floor or for use in Vans and on Trailers, with the plate secured down the BikeGrab can be Locked into place or removed in just seconds, Ideal when trailering the bike to the racetrack and then remove for use on the tarmac !  I use this to turn my box trailer into a bike trailer, then quickly remove the grab to get my box trailer back!!

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By anchoring the Bike-Grab to the floor, see our quick release kit Bike-Grab owners can go to sleep at night with complete confidence that their bike will be there in the morning. Bike-Grab has two 2 mounting holes in the base plate for securing the bike grab to the floor. Simple bolt Bike-Grab firmly to the garage or driveway into commonly available anchors for various floor types! Once the bike is put into the Bike-Grab, the tyre will cover the bolt heads. This will make it impossible to unbolt the Bike-Grab when your bike is mounted into it. Combine this with a good quality lock and thieves will seek another victim.


Bike-Grab can also be used in conjunction with sportbike paddock stands, front or rear.  If you own a big blue Lift or Original Red Lift, the bike grab is the perfect companion to hold the bike verticle while you set up the lift's mounts to your bike.

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. By anchoring the Bike-Grab to the bed of your trailer you can safely and securely transport your bike suspension free. Roll your bike up the entry ramp and into the upper V-shaped front stop. Then gently pull your bike forward into the Bike-Grab with straps form the rear in a forward, down and out orientation. Top-heavy bikes will require some additional strapping to catch side-to-side movement at the handlebars. This is going to occur with any of the other like-products as well. You will not have to unduly compress the forks; you simply want to reduce this undesired motion. Doing this will take out less travel than a rider sitting on the bike. Once securely in place your bike can absorb harsh road inputs just like you are riding it down the road. The rear end doesn't dance the jitterbug, your springs aren't loosing tension from being collapsed and your seals are under normal pressure. Misalignment will never happen and your bike will come off the trailer with the same crisp handling you paid for.


1. Reducer Kit

Important, If your tyre size is 120mm or less you must add the reducer kit from the item below.  This kit will ensure your tyre is properly captured in the upper frame, else your bike will be unstable in the grab.

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2. Quick release Plate

Quick Release Plate, Check below, use this plate to allow quick removal of the grab from one fixed place to another. The plate is bolted to the floor of a vehicle, or even can be bolted to a concrete floor. Bike Grab simple slots into the two hooks at the front, and is held down by putting a lock nut on a bolt at the rear. When finished using the grab, simply undo the lock nut and lift the grab out of the way.  This is a big advantage of the bike grab system, being one of the few quick release wheel chocks on the market.  Turn your box trailer into a bike trailer, take the grab away, and 'volia' use the same trailer to take your rubbish to the tip.... 


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Bike Grab Colours

Charcoal and Fire engine red

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**Note re Shipping calculations in checkout**

Bike grab ships in a large box which exceeds the automatic postage calculations on this web site. During  your checkout, I will be notified by email to calculate shipping, remember your pasword as you may need to log in again to see shipping cost and complete the order. 

If you purchase 2 bike grabs I charge the postage at the single grab rate, so you get two for one freight cost.   Thanks.. Russ @ oneup.


Is your bike a Harley or a similar cruiser that is fitted with the large 21" wheel with the skinny front tyre? You will need the reducer kit.

  If so, I do not recommend the bike grab as a standalone stand, ie stand the bike in the grab on the driveway or shed floor,

Experience has shown due to the size and weight of the bike, relying on the skinny wheel to hold it up,

The bike can become unstable in the grab.  This same bike is fine if you are using the grab only for transport on a vehicle, as the bike will be tied down for travel.  If you own one of these bikes, consider the strong arm to safely stand your bike. Strong Arm


Need more info or have a question? give Russell a call on 0417 320742 or via contacts page 

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