Milsons Point


Project Details

Conversion and extension of a 20-storey tower into residential apartments.


Limited site area. Existing building which footprint of each level had to be increased by approx. 100 sqm. Speed after initial strip out paramount so that the refurb to residential could be commenced immediately.


By using One Up preformed system for just six columns per level, DMG estimated that they saved 1.5 days per level. 20 levels equated to 5.5 calendar weeks, a significant time and cost-saving for the builder resulting in early completion bonuses, reduced risk of delayed damages, faster payments from clients, lower overheads on projects (wages, plant and equipment hire).


The use of the One Up Columns resulted in fewer people on-site, less loose materials, no open penetrations in the deck and therefore much more straight-forward work health & safety compliance, easier project management due to less trade co-ordination, a cleaner site, and less waste.