Meriton Pagewood


Project Details

3 basement car parking levels. 175 columns, 6 pours per level. Columns were delivered pre-slung after the slab pour and immediately set down on the extended deck.

Time Savings

Conventional timeframes on Meriton sites similar to this one typically factor in a concrete pour not less than once every four days —> 18 pours x 4 days = 72 working days @ 5.5 working days/week = 13 calendar weeks.

Using our system First pour occurred 17th October 2018, the last pour occurred 19th Dec 2018 —> 9 calendar weeks. Total time saving: One month.

Monetary Savings

Value of the construction contract—> 352 units @~$180,000 per unit = $63,360,000 ——> @ 4.5% p.a. average cost of funding = $237,600 of interest saved on the construction funding component alone

Note: The above calculation does not include the savings on the holding cost of the land value. Other cost savings not included are; waste reduction, and the extra safety provisions that would normally be employed if the conventional method was used.

Other Benefits

The use of the One Up Columns resulted in fewer people on-site, less loose materials, no open penetrations in the deck and therefore much more straight-forward work health & safety compliance, easier project management due to less trade co-ordination, a cleaner site, and less waste.