2014 Ducati 1199 Panigale Mount System

First point, the bike needs to be in the true vertical position and for this we strongly recommend
the use of our Bikegrab Stand as it will also slightly raise the front wheel of vehicle whilst holing it
firmly upright, See picture 2.
After placing the bike in the Bikegrab stand remove the R/H lower engine side panel to gain
access, now assemble the foot-peg mount (Items C&D) using the instruction assembly sheet
included in the main instructions if required and position it on the lift as shown.
Without (Item A) Front Engine Support and the Vertical Pillar (Item B) fitted slide the lift under the
bike until (Item 2) locates fully into the right hand side of the Swing Arm pivot point.
Some adjustment will be required for vertical and horizontal location using the holes provided,
the lift can be manually positioned but keep it as low as possible to enable fitting the front mount.
The next step is to replace (Items B & 1) on the lift and locate in the swing arm pivot on the L/H
side of the bike, ensure adjustment and positioning is correct and tighten all bolts.
Now locate the two “U” bolts securing (Items 1&2) to (ItemsB&D) in the machined locating groove
then tighten the wing nuts provided. (Items 1&2 must be fully home into the swing arm)
The Front Support assembly (Item A) can now be located at the point (A) shown in picture 3 by
sliding it into place directly to the rear of the Exhaust manifold at its junction with the front
cylinder, this area traps the mount holding it in place, last of all fit the “U” bolts securing the mount
to the lift and the bike is almost ready to be lifted.
A final check to ensure everything is correct and secure and its Time to Go!

Panigale-1199-Instr s.jpg

Pic 1

Panigale-1199-Ins bike grab.jpg

Pic 2

Panigale-1199-rear mount.jpg

Pic 4

Panigale-1199-front mount posirtion.jpg

Pic 3