BRP Spyder RT Instruction Sheet 2013 on Before attempting to undertake any of the following steps ensure that the Main Lift Instructions have been Precisely followed and Fully Understood. If you are in any doubt whatsoever do not attempt to lift the vehicle without first contacting us for further advice! Step 1. Assemble the mounts to the lift as shown in Pic 1 with the Front Mount (left side) aligned so that the straight edge of the “D” shaped “window” cut into the mount is level with the end of the main lifting arm and tighten the “U” bolts securely to 8nm/6lb ft. Now take the Rear Mount (right side) and position the straight edge of the “D” shaped window approximately 20mm inward from the end of the main lifting arm and tighten the 2 x “U” bolts to same torque as above. Assemble the adjustable Rear Pillar as shown in Pic 3 but do not tighten the 30mm nuts until the lift has been offered to the bike and the required height position is determined, at that point lock in position with the 30mm locking nut. With both mounts now secured into position assemble the Footpeg – Footplate stabiliser bracket shown in Pic 2 to the lifting arm and set at a horizontal position and out of the way. Note: The M10 Coach bolt has a washer under the head of the bolt, this should be kept in this position when assembling into the lifting arm with the washer inside! Step 2. Remove the rubber cushion pad from the Right Hand Footplate by simply pulling upwards from the edge Pic 6, this will expose the 4 x TX27 Torx screws that hold the footplate in position, now remove the screws and the footplate to reveal the main steel anchor point that is exposed and ready for securing to the lift Pic 7. Step 3. Slide the lift assembly in and under the Right Side of the bike positioning the Lift Pillar in front of the Footpeg or the Footplate anchor point, this area is used for stability when lifting by placing the large “U” bolt over the Footpeg or the Footboard heavy steel bracket securing it to the mount shown in Pic 2. Step 4. Ensure that the front mount is sitting central under the chassis “Spine” of the vehicle shown in Pic 5 and the rear mount has been correctly positioned under the bikes rear suspension arm shown Pic 4, when all adjustments have been carried out the lift can be raised slightly to take up the weight of the vehicle. At this point be sure to lock the Rear Mount Pad to the Lower Suspension Arm using the 2 x “U” bolts supplied Now adjust the stabiliser bracket shown in Pic 2 with the 17mm Nyloc locking nut to a suitable position above or below the bracket (this is dependant on the ride height of the vehicle) ready to secure the bike to the lift using the Very Large “U” Bolt supplied (Pic 2). At this point the bike will be ready for lifting. When satisfied that all work has been carried out successfully the vehicle can now be raised from the floor for a final check before commencing any work and remember to always use supports or stands if working under a vehicle!

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