BMW K1600

BMW K1600 Instruction
After reading and Fully Understanding the Main lift instructions proceed to
securely assemble the Mounts to the Lift as follows.
With the lift positioned as in (Pic1) take the mounts and locate them 40mm in from the ends of the
main lifting arm, this assembly will be for using the lift on the left hand side of the bike so for use
on the right side of the bike simply reverse the mounts on the lift!
Once you have the mounts precisely in place secure them to the lift itself by tightening the 6 x
13mm nuts on the “U” bolts.
Note, you will need to remove either Pillar A or B depending on whatever side of the bike you
intend to use the lift, then having removed one of the front pillars you will be able to slide the lift
centrally in and under the bike.
It is important at this point that the bike is “Vertical” and either a helping hand from a colleague or
our unique “BikeGrab Stand” is best employed for this purpose.
You will now need to remove the plastic plugs from the 10mm holes in either side of the engine
crankcase just forward of the crankshaft (the bottom fixing points for the Crash Bars)
Now slide the lift “Centrally” under the bike and re-assemble the pillar that you removed earlier
aligning the fixing holes then insert the 2 x 10mm bolts through both pillars into the engine and
secure with a 17mm wrench (Pic 2)
Tighten the 4 x 13mm nuts on the HT Coach bolts that hold the pillars to the lower beam, the front
section is now complete.
The Rear Beam (Pic 3) will now be in the correct position directly underneath the raised centre
stand just to the rear of the pivot point, this is where the load is taken and provisions are made to
adjust the height of the Beam as to maintain the correct level of your machine, Adjusting to suit.

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