Will your motorcycle lift allow removal of both wheels at the same time?

23/06/2017 04:00AM

Which Motorcycle Lift will allow you to remove both wheels at the same time without having to further lift your bike?


Answer:  Easzy-Rizer bigblue Lift or the Original Red Lift as sold by Oneup Motorcycle Products.


As Frank from Cyco Motorcycle's says, "I love the bigblue Lift, once I mount a bike, I can then do everything, without having to juggle the bike around on a table lift to remove wheels or suspension."

So True Frank.  This week I needed to get two new tyres fitted to my bike for an upcomming 7000K bike ride from Vic to Qld and back.  I save dealer workshop time and expense by bringing in the bike's wheels.   I also had a new disc rotor and brake pads to fit, so easy once the wheels are already away.

The BigBlue Lift has a variety of motorcycle mounts available to suit most bikes on the market.  I decided to use the beam mount system to lift the GS BMW as there are two suitable mounting locations across the centre stand and across the sump plate.  As an alternative, I could have used the footpeg mount system. (not shown in picture, the bike is securred by two plastic coated 'hook' shaped bolts, these bolts lock the bike down to the mounts)



The rear disc rotor was a cinch to do while the bike is wheels free and 'in the air'


When It came to re-assembly, I was sitting on an old office chair.  Each wheel in turn, was rested on my lap as I positioned and secured the wheel.  Job done, road tested, perrrfect.  Roll on August for the big trip.  One final observation, once complete the big blue lift can be rolled into a corner out of the way.  No big table lift permantely taking almost a car space in your garage.



Author :  Russ Garing contact  or 0417320742