Using the Big Blue Lift to Change your Motorcycle Oil

09/02/2017 07:45AM


The big blue Motorcycle Lift provides a brilliant platform for your motorcycle oil changes.

Following up with the notion of your lift paying for itself in saved workshop costs,

Here is an example of changing all the different oil groups on a Harley Davidson Dyna Model.

No special workshop tools here, simply a large painters tray, sitting on a chair, allowed the capture of engine, gearbox, and chain case oil, all in one go, how easy is this!!!  

In this case the bike was out of warranty,  and instead of booking in, then perhaps finding other transport to drop off and later pick up, I completed these tasks in short order in my own time and convenience, with the added bonus of the satisfaction of maintaining your ride, yourself! + the money saved could perhaps buy some 'bling' for your bike???

I'm often asked about the location of oil drain holes when the bike is mounted on the big blue lift. Sometimes the drain plug is going to be in line with the blue lifting arm which is positioned lengthways along the centre of your bike, in this case one of the oil plugs was in the middle.  The oil has to dribble over the lifting arm, this was the reason the painters tray was used, all captured and none split.


I recommend, where possible use genuine oils and filters, remember the sealing rings on drain plugs, it may be prudent to renew these at the time to prevent possible oil drips from the plug.

Ask at the shop when supplies are purchased.

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