Two ways your new Motorcycle Lift could pay for itself over time

08/01/2017 10:12AM

Motorcycle lift owners have made their purchase so they can raise their bike to a comfortable height to perform maintenance tasks, cleaning and polishing, complete or major rebuilds and some just to display their bike or get the tyres off the ground.  Having a lift is a great tool for performing these tasks in the comfort of your own environment and complete to your own time schedule

Lift owners already know this, however people considering a lift purchase, lets think this way about the potential for saving service costs.  In my riding history, I have purchased seven brand new bikes, and owned most of these long enough to be past the new bike warranty in time or Kilometres.  In my case, and take note I'm not recommending this course of action, just passing on my experience.  All modern bikes are fuel injected, have electronic ignition, and some like Harleys have hydraulic actuated push rods eliminating valve clearance adjustments.   I have found,


When a bike is due for and oil and filter change, if its otherwise running fine, (no warning lights) And sometimes without any particular intention, I find myself performing my own oil and filter changes.  On two occasions in the past 2 years, my dealer either hasn't been able to fit my booking in prior to my next big ride, or last instance, my call wasn't returned when trying to arrange a booking.  Bike running fine both times, to saving a 200K round trip, I simply did the oil change myself. (In between the above incidents I did have a full service prior to a lap of Australia)


Tyre Changes.  I clock up big kilometres, I always seem to have a tyre on the way out.  I have a tyre specialist in my own town where I go for tyre advice, a fit and balance.  Check your local area, see if you have someone who does not charge labour on a fit and balance, when you bring in the wheel/s?  More complex the job of removing wheels? more chance you are paying for labour to do the whole job, and well as the tyre & wheel balance??? Note, while the wheel is out, check the brake pads, may as well do these at the same time.


If the 'take in your own wheels' arrangement exists, I'd like to commend the Bike Blue Lift or Original Red Bike Lift as a brilliant tool for the job.  The beauty of this lift design is your 'wheels are already free' to rotate and remove without the need for any further lifting of your bike.


If you are doing work for the first time, ask questions, check Mr Google and YouTube, and if all else fails read the manual!! And be safe.

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