StrongArm Motorcycle Lift, a simple solution to standing your bike up straight.

29/04/2017 01:19AM

The Issue, your motorcycle only has a sidestand! You need to safely stand it up straight, perhaps you need to check oil or fluid level's? or just want to save space in your shed?

Do you risk putting a chock of wood under your stand so the bike is balancing almost verticle?  Scary!

Put your bike's front in a wheel chock?  This works, but again depending on what you want to attend too on your bike? if it involves a bit of push and shove, wheel chocks can be unstable.

How about a solution that replicates the bike having it's own centre stand! with the advantage of being able to raise your rear wheel, or even your front wheel if you position this StrongArm Motorcycle Lift under the front of your frame! StrongArm is so quick to use, you literally sling it under your bike, judge the lifting position, and lever down the long arm and your bike is loaded!!

Your bike is rock solid on the StrongArm Motorcycle Lift.  It cannot tip over, no matter what you do to your bike, and here is a bonus!  you can spin your wheel for maintenance or cleaning and you may even be able to REMOVE your wheel!!  (this depends on your bikes design)


 Some back ground on the StrongArm Motorcycle lift, it is manufactured in UK by  Quasar Products Ltd, Like all Quasar Products, it has a lifetime Guarantee.  Here is an excerpt from the manufacturers web site"

StrongArm is a lightning fast Front or Rear wheel lift/jack that works on simple leverage, after locating in the desired position you simply apply a downward pressure to the Arm and up comes the bike safe and sound, it is so easy to use that a child could use it.

StrongArm has height adjustment built in so that it can be quickly set to use with the highest or lowest of cruisers, Great for cleaning those wheels or even removing them!

Nothing comes close to the speed and reliability of StrongArm, it was designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles but will work with all other cruisers that have a Duplex (twin rail) frame.

The top roller is heavily protected with re-inforced PVC tubing to protect your bikes precious paintwork! Suits Triumph, BSA, Norton, and many modern or old british bikes,  most cruiser bikes of all makes

The StrongArm motorcycle Lift is available in Australia from Oneup Motorcycle Products.

Quality!  is it's own reward

Author: Russ Garing  contact us  0417320742