Restoring a motorcycle? here is one of the best motorcycle lifts

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The following blog demonstrates the dismantling of a 1969 Norton S model commando for a ground up restoration.  Bike will be set up on the Big Blue Motorcycle lift.


Project bike as purchased complete, however in sad condition. Example of same model bike restored to showroom condition by another Russell from Colac.


Mounting the bike on the Big blue Lift.


For this job I have chosen the beam mount set, Beam mounts are designed to lift motorbikes with a cradle frame under the engine gear box area of the bike.   Beam Mounts are especially suited to lifting all Harley Davidsons and most British bikes, both old and new models.


Beam Mounts have two hook shaped bolts that hook onto the bikes frame, then pass through a slot in the mounts and secure underneath with a wing nut.  Your bike is locked to the mounts,  this allows disassembly of wheels and suspension without any issue of the bikes stabillty on the lift, your motorcycle is rock solid.


Picture above demonstrates the front beam mount could not take the hook bolts due to the spacer placed on top of the mount, so small cam buckle straps were used to hold down the front part of the frame. The rear beam mount on this side also has a hook bolt over the frame rail.  The bike is locked down to the lift which enables the complete disassembly of the bike.  The beauty of this system is, you only have to mount the bike to the lift the one time,  all removal of parts is possible without any repositioning of the bike.


Above picture displays and 18 volt cordless drill,  this is my preferred method of quickly raise or lower the lifting arm for the most suitable and comfortable working height.

Two other bikes that I have completely dismantled, restored and re-assembled on the big blue lift. The unprohibited access to all area's of the bike makes it so much easier to work on the project.


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