Removable eye bolt system for tray's trailers, vehicles, a secure anchor point for tie downs.

08/05/2017 01:00PM

What is a quick and easy way to install a tie down point to my trailer, tray, or vehicle, with the benefit of being able to quickly remove to free up the space when not in use. Answer BedBolts!

When transporting various loads, it is often hard to find that perfect tie down point.

Afterwards, if we want the load area clear for something else, permanent tiedown point s get in the way and become a nuisance.

There are various products on the market to use as a tie down point.  Spring loaded recess rings are quite handy, and retract out of the way when not in use.  They can be a pain to cut out the floor area to match the odd shape of the recess part.  Of course if you weld little hooks everywhere, there is no ability to easy take these away to accommodate a different load.

Oneup Motorcycle Products have been importing a product called BedBolts.  These are a brilliant invention for the ease to install, and the ability to unscrew the eyebolt and take away when not it use.  They also have handy little plastic plugs to screw into the bedbolt base to keep the internal threads clean.  Once the eyebolt is removed, all that is left is a small flange protruding in top of your tray.

BedBolts come in three sizes,

3/8" with a 181 Kg working load

1/2" with a 390 Kg working load

5/8' with a 604 Kg working load

Popular for motorcycle transport, BedBolts are a robust product, great for hooking on your tie down straps.




This owner is ratcheting the rear tyre harness straps down onto BedBolts.  The front wheel is secure in Oneup's Bike Grab.  The products in the picture, (bedbolts, bike grab, and tyre fix's tyre harness) are the ultimate in safe and secure transport of your bike.  Here is the added bonus, everything is removable, turn your bike trailer back to an ordinary trailer in a minute or two.


Author : Russ Garing @ Oneup Motorcycle Products 0417320742 or contact us