Cyco Motorcycles, exclusively use the Big Blue Motorcycle Lift in their shop.

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Cyco Motorcycles in Mornington, Victoria, Had their Grand opening last Saturday.  They are and independent Harley service and custom shop.  The workshop uses six BigBlue Lifts as their sole motorcycle lift.

Frank the owner of Cyco, has previously ran a business also called Cyco in Coffs Harbour.  Frank also used six big blue lifts in this shop (Frank is probably the world's largest BigBlue customer??)

Frank was saying,

"He doesn't understand how all Harley workshops are not using this stand?, he saves so much workshop time by only lifting the bike, the once, he can perform all jobs on the lift.  So much easier than using the bench lifts, where the bike had to be tied down, and lifted again if you want to take wheels & suspension off,do the brakes, etc!!"

Arrh Frank you are a visionary.  Every one else, "Think out-side the square and appreciate what you can do using the  worlds best, wheels free, BigBlue lift."

Call into Franks Business @ 1/13 Latham street
Mornington, Victoria, Australia, VIC 3931



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