Buying a motorcycle wheel chock, what features do I need

24/12/2016 11:00PM

"There are many wheel chocks on the market, they all seem to have pro's and con's which one do I choose?"

Needs and Use

A wheel chock is designed to capture your front wheel to stand the bike up straight by the front wheel.  Reasons for using a wheel chock include, parking and or space saving the garage, perform cleaning and maintenance jobs.  Use in conjunction with a paddock stand, use on a work table or platform, and use while transporting your bike so your front wheel is secure and depending on the design, you may be able to get away with compressing your front fork springs unduly.

Choices and price.

We are spoilt for choice, there are a myriad of designs available with prices ranging from $35 for the most basic, up $250 for the better engineered models.  The basic models are a hoop design for transporting, where the front wheel is pulled into the hoop with tie downs, these designs do not allow to bike the free stand.  The most plentiful design are the cradle types, they require the wheel to roll over the cradle (which can be quite a hump, requiring a decent shove each way) until the front of the tyre engages a V shape at the front, the cradle will roll with the wheel and secure by the tyre in its own V shape.  This design usually captures the tyre by its tread area only.  There is often a limitation to the wheel diameter or tyre width.  Check the design will suit all the bikes requiring a wheel chock.

Benefits of using a Bike Grab as your wheel chock.

Made in the UK from a robust 44mm tube. Colours Red, or Black. Lifetime Guarantee. The Grab has two adjustable wheel plates on the base, they go from 86mm to 190mm tyre width.  Advantages of this design, adjustments are made to achieve a snug fit against the sides of your tyre, providing a substantial contact area to capture and secure the tyre.   Up around axle height the front of the tyre is pinched in the upper V shape of the grab frame.  These two capture points provide a very safe and secure holding of your front wheel.  To cover the large range of tyre widths the bottom plates accommodate, there is a 'reducer kit available to pinch the smaller tyres in the upper frame, 86 to 120mm.  All wheel diameters suit the bike grab.


The one feature that seems to tip the bike grab as wheel chock choice is the accessory;- QUICK RELEASE PLATE  Bolt this plate to the floor clip the grab in, chain your bike for anti-theft measure.  Bolt the plate or even extra plates into a trailer or vehicle for quick fit and remove the grab, move to a different positon for different bikes, or remove altogether to clear the space.  Base station vans, 5th wheelers, trucks and trailer people love this feature.  Remove the grab and throw a mattress down while away!! Or turn your box trailer into a bike trailer, then back to a box trailer, best of both worlds!!

While on the transport subject, there is nothing better than the security of the grabs hold on your front tyre for safe transport, you will still need to tie down the front end, however no need to over compress the suspension.  If a Tyre harness is used on your rear wheel, users report they only strap the wheel in the grab so it won't bounce out it they hit a pot-hole.

Your wheel chock will be either a standalone device, or used in conjunction with transporting or holding your bike a work bench.  I offer the bike grab as one device that will perform all these tasks brilliantly.

Author; Russ @ Oneup Motorcycle Products  0417320742