Big Blue Motorcycle Lift, Hints and Tips, a great lift for working on your bike's rear suspension.

25/02/2017 12:25AM

Big Blue Motorcycle Lift, 'Hints and Tips'.  Great Lift for working on your bike's rear suspension.


Here is the issue, your bike's handling has dropped off to a point its becoming scary.  The issue seems to eminate from the rear end of the bike.

The swinging arm on the little BSA in the pictures has as standard a bonded rubber set up, where the rubber has to flex in between two tubes to provide the up and down movement in the swinging arm as the suspension operates over bumps in the road.  The issue is, the rubber has deteriorated over the years, and there is a little sideways movement between the swing arm and the frame side plates.

Result, the rear end was unstable after hitting consecutive bumps while negotiating a long sweeping bend.  I knew it wasn't perfect, however this incident prompted instant dismantling of the system.

Following is my example of not only removing the rear suspension, but also taking out the swinging arm set up after finding excessive play in the bushes.

Once mounted on the Big Blue Motorcycle Lift's  Beam Mounts, the included hook bolts were attached and fastened to the rear beam mount(these hold the bike securley to the lift).  Where the front mount was to be positioned, there is a small square engine sump.  I decided to place a pair small pine blocks between the frame rails and the front beam mount.  This gave a better spread of the lifting load on the front mount, bike is more stable for disassembly of rear suspension, and a small strap was employed the hold down the front of the bike to this mount.

With the bike securely mounted to the beam mounts, I  was able to grab the rear wheel to test for the rear end movement, I could clearly see the offending play in the swing arm.

The Job, I used my little rolling table to hold the tools and removed parts.  As often as  I could,  I'd sit on an old office chair, (great for rolling around to each side of the bike) the rear end was disassembled in half an hour.  Note in the pictures how easy the access is, to remove the parts.

Result, the dismantling of the parts is easy on the Big Blue Lift, the Original Red Lift would also handle this job with ease.  The access to the bike is great.

A little research on the Brit bike forum, I have found a needle roller conversion I'm going to go with.  There is a little Lathe work making up some spaces etc., should be back together pretty quick after the parts arrive.

**UPDATE** Job completed, used a pair of needle rollers, made up spacers and endcaps for the swing arm, put in a pair of greese nipples, bolted it all up, tested on the same bumpy, long sweeping bend....fantastic, please with the result, and please I could do it all myself, and in comfort using the Big Blue Motorcycle Lift  I know this is a relatively small bike, the Lift is rated to 750 kgs, it also handles the heavy bikes including Goldwings, Rocket3, Harley Ultra's etc.


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