Big Blue Lift, results of the suspension upgrades on BSA B44

04/03/2017 03:10AM

Use of Big Blue Lift was the subject of a previous blog where the suspension on a BSA B44 motorcycle had maintenance work carried out.

(some pictures may display upside down on your phone, a desktop, shows them correctly)

 Other faults came to light, easy to detect and solve all issues while bike is mounted securely on the big blue lift.

1st issue, oil line is kinked reducing oil flow (lucky it’s the return line and not a feed line) and the muffler bracket would strike the swinging arm if suspension hitting a large bump.

2nd issue, with the front wheel in the air, it is easy to check the front end for any free play. The steering head bearings found to be a little loose, so tightened same.

3rd Issue, the reason for the initial dismantling , the swinging arm was rebuilt with the needle rollers, made up spacers and shoulders for each end of the tube, holding a O ring to seal, and addition of a grease nipple.  So far, so good.

4th issue, after repositioning the muffler bracket, the oil feed line now rested on the heat wrap. Made a new oil tank fitting, re-routed the oil line (no Kinks!!).  Tying to get at the fiddley area's the oil line passes through to underneath the engine, the access to the job made easy by the bike sitting on the blue lift.

After some road testing, I declare the work done a success.  I built this bike several years ago.  I’d guess 5000 k’s travelled.  It’s great to solve some of the issues that come to light while riding these old jiggers!!

This bike was originally assembled on the big Blue Lift.



Author; Russell Garing of Oneup Motorcycle Products 0417320742 or contact