Big Blue Lift Hint. Easily align your motorcycle's wheels

25/01/2017 08:10AM

Your Motorcycle is Mounted on the Big Blue Lift. Now is a great opportunity to check your wheels for a true alignment with each other.  Good alignment is critical for your motorcycle's safe handling.



Following up on how to make your Big Blue Lift pay for itself by saving on workshop labour costs.  Your bike is mounted on the Lift, perhaps you have changed tyres, brakes, or worked on your suspension.  You can always perform this simple check even if your bike is mounted on the lift for a clean and polish.


Proper alignment of your wheels is critical to good bike handling,

leading  to safer braking, cornering, and manoeurvring.


Google up the subject, there are numerous methods described on how to align your wheels, even, chain and sprocket alignment. Some people use a laser aided device, personally I mostly use an visual line of sight between the front wheel tyre edges to the rear tyre edges, next method is a string line, and in the case of the photo above, the Bonnie was just restored, I used the straignt edge.


Question, when do I check the wheel alignment?

Answer: Each time you adjust your chain, or drive belt. Certainly any time your rear wheel is removed from the bike.  When you google up instructions for making adjustments, they will describe adjusting your axle position using the axle adjusters, you have to balance this task with achieving a suitable rear chain tension.


 When your bike is mounted on the Big Blue Lift the task of checking wheel alignment can be performed in comfort while your wheels are in the air and free to spin and line up the front wheel.

Author: Russ of Oneup Motorcycle Products Contact or call 0417320742