Best solution for a Simple motorcycle cruise control

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Need to either Rest your throttle hand while riding your motorcycle or use it to do up a jacket etc?

Solution... fit a 'Go Cruise' Motorcycle Cruise Control.


Oneup motorcycle Products is a distributor of the Go Cruise products in Australia.

The Go cruise Motorcycle cruise controls  are available in either a plastic model for $33, these have to be ordered size specific to suit the handle bar size on your bike, 25mm or 1" size for the large cruiser type handle bars as found on Harley's etc.  The other size is 22mm or 7/8" to suit the handle bar size on all other sports and general type bike.


 The other Go Cruise Model option is the Alloy "one size fits all" Adjustable Go cruise, available in either Black or Chrome.  Price is $53black and $55chrome.

Both the alloy and the plastic models have a silicone ring applied to the throttle, then clip onto the throttle over the ring.  Alloy models have a thumb screw to adjust the tension, and will suit nearly all standard and aftermarket throttle grips, included heated grips.

Both models are simple to attach, use them to hold the throttle speed, simply push the Go cruise with your finger until it rests against the front brake lever.  This will hold the bikes speed for a while, so you can rest the right hand, or attend the zip on the left arm to adjust for hot or cold conditions.  I personally use the go cruise to warm up my old Carburettor bikes by holding the throttle at a fast idle, while I get the gear on to ride away.

To deactivate, it's a simple matter of rolling the throttle off, or sometimes I will put a thumb in the Go Cruise Gap which faces the rider and lever the go cruise out of the way while maintaining the bikes speed.  HOW EASY IS THIS!!

Remember to take care in deciding when and where to apply the go cruise, I suggest don't use while riding in close proximity to other riders or traffic.

Available direct from Oneup Motorcycle Products, or check the bottom of the web page for a listing of Motorcycle shops around Australia that carry Go Cruise Stock.


Author Russ of Oneup Motorcycle Products 0417320742 or contact






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