Bike -Grab
Congratulations and Thank YOU for purchasing this innovative and extremely versatile motorcycle stand that can be used either freestanding or anchored down, just about anywhere and on any bike imaginable (ancient or modern). Used and approved by major manufacturers including Yamaha motorcycles.

Bike -Grab has a robust, unit construction steel frame that offers maximum stability under
any load; the unique design employs gravity to keep the bike firmly upright and in place.
Bike -Grab offers the choice of front Or rear Wheel parking and fits tyre sizes up to
190 millimetres wide.
For the best results ensure the wheel plates are a good tight fit against the tyre walls.

When bolted to the ground it becomes an obvious asset to security, Simply ride the bike in
Get off and LOCK in place. (See our Quick Release Fixing kit)

Remove packaging and check contents: Mainframe x 1 . Wheel plates x 2. Tube finishers x 2
Anti slip pads & nuts x 2. M8 Coach bolts c/w washers & nuts x 4. (See diagram)

1. For use on road/sports bikes position Bike-Grab with the ramp toward you and
the wheel plates with the 'lead in' edge of the plate facing outwards, now locate them on
the ramp plate. (See diagram)
2. Assemble using the four M8 coach bolts up through the ramp slots and the holes in the
wheel plates and loosely fix into position with the 4 x M8 washers and locking nuts.
3. Determine the width of your tyre and set the Inner edge of the wheel plates to the
corresponding position on the measuring scale.
4. Note, tyre sizes can vary according to manufacturer so ensure the plates are always
adjusted for close contact with the tyre and lock the four M8 bolts with a 13mm wrench
into position. The stand is now ready for use
5. For Cruisers with front tyres of 130mm or larger the wheel plates can be reversed to
give extra stability,. (Normal position shown in diagram)
6. Position the Bike-Grab directly in-line with the appropriate wheel and firmly roll
the bike home. (Riding in for the front wheel is recommended)
7. Very Important !! Check your tyre pressures are correct before using ??

Always take time and practice a little to become proficient in use, as rolling the bike up onto the plates instead of between them can cause a sudden shift in weight and un-balance the bike!
When using on slippery surfaces anti slip pads are provided to arrest movement but in more severe cases a rubber foot mat should be placed under the stand, this will greatly increase the stability and reduce any chance of sliding.
When used for transportation, either bolted down on a trailer or van be sure to securely fasten the bike down with suitable tie straps. There is no need to compress the front suspension when using this stand
Always check the stability and satisfy yourself of the suitability of use in your application
as differing surfaces can cause stability problems. If In any DOUBT, Call US !
As with all Quasar products you have an unconditional "lifetime" warranty.
Your bike has never been this safe before, Wise choice!

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