Tips and tricks for using the Big Blue Motorcycle Lift in Australia.


Tip # 1 Cordless drill to operate the lifting arm.  I use a two speed 18 volt drill to run a bike up and down (prefer this to an electric drill as no lead to trip over) Operate the drill on the low speed.  When you reach to top of the lifting arms travel, it begins to squash the rubber buffer, stop the drill and immediately switch to the oposite direction.  After a passage of time you forget which way the drill is going, so when you next hit the trigger, at least the lifting arm is going down.  When working on the bike, always leave the drill sitting on top, its amazing how many times you can simply reach across to change the height of the bike to assist in your tasks.       Facebook

Tip # 2 Using a straight edge to line up your wheels

Correct wheel alignment is critical for the best handling of your bike.  In this example I have clamped a straight edge underneath the beam mounts to line up the wheels, also note the string on the fllor, I also used this to assist along the right hand side of the bike.  Depending how your bike sits on the blue lift? you may find there is enough access to your wheels to carry out the wheel alignment as described.  Much easier than trying to do this with the bike on the floor.

While on the lift,  your suspension will be at the bottom of its travel, rear chain tension may need resetting when the bike is sitting on the floor under its own weight or with rider weight as well.  simple, count the flats on the adjustment bolts, (same for both sides) when setting the chain tension.  Notice the chair on the floor? that will be subject of another hint...


Tip # 3 Using the drill on the lift combined with a stand to easily remove your wheels, especially big heavy wheels.


1. Lower the wheel until it lightly touches a stand, undo the axle nuts (It your bike has large axle nuts I suggest the nut be 'cracked' while the bike is on the ground, instead of twisting the bike on the liftand mounts while releasing the tension in the nut.

2.  Slide out the axle or remove axle cap/s depending on your axle design.  Also some bikes may require the brake caliper to be removed.

3.  One hand to steady the wheel, reach over to the drill and raise the bike until the wheel is clear of any guards, calipers, axle studs etc

4. just roll out to remove the wheel.  Now this is easier than trying to handle a heavy wheel in mid air while trying to release it.  Let the lift do the work for you.

Assemble in reverse, gently lower the bike and guide the wheel and brake rotor into place


Tip # 4 Changing Gearbox,engine,primary oil, all at once, on your Harley

This tip is handy if you want to do an in-between regular service, oil change, or your bike is out of warranty and there is no other electronic error codes needing a shop to clear?  Using an old chair and one of those large painters tray's it was quite simple to change all the oils on the harley at once.  The front mount used here is a Dyna mount, when used by also lifting on the gearbox protection plate, gives the bike enough height on the mounts to allow positioning the big blue lift on the right hand side of a Dyna, generally only a left side lift is available using the beam mounts. For more information on the accessory dyna mount, call Russell on 0417 320 742.


Tip # 5 Using the Big Blue Lift for major engine or complete bike rebuilds