After Reading and Fully Understanding the Main lift Instructions proceed to
securely assemble the Mounts to the Lift as follows.
First, ensure the bike is standing in the vertical position, for this we strongly recommend
the use of our Bikegrab Wheel chock Stand as it will raise the front wheel of the bike while
holding it firmly upright keeping you and the bike safe while setting up the lift.
As shown in Pic1 Item A locate the front “C” shaped mount 40mm in from the end of the
lifting arm and secure with a 13mm wrench, Now position the rear foot-peg mount
assembly 425mm away, exactly as shown and secure with the 2x 13mm nuts.
Most important is to locate the lower inner edge of Item B @ 70mm away from the fixing
bolt as shown and secure in place.
As we produce a long upper section of the foot-peg mount system (in an effort to suit all
bikes) it will be necessary to shorten them by 80mm as shown in Pic 4, this can easily be
done with a hacksaw or angle grinder.
Don't worry as these parts are readily available and also inexpensive if you ever need to
replace them.
Remove the complete support section “C” from the slotted beam and the lift can now be
located in and under the R/H side of the bike ensuring that the front mount “A” locates
directly behind and firmly up against the exhaust manifold flange as shown in Pic3.


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